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Hewlett Packard Case Sample

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Attaining the financial outcome and complying with the per-defined objectives are some of the major things which an organization always like to achieve during their working and operations. Most of the companies throughout the world are now focusing over the management of their people or enhancing their workplace, because they have an idea that this particular focus can help them to maximize their positioning in the market. Employees are the lifeblood of an organization, and without prosper and efficient employees, it is impossible for an organization to sustain their position in the market. The main perspective of this assignment is to read a Case of Hewlett Packard (HP), and answer some of the main questions underlying with the same case. This particular assignment is divided into three main sections which are introduction, Analysis and Discussion and Conclusion. All the pertaining questions will be answered in the second section of the report which is Analysis & Discussion.

Analysis & Discussion

HP Way in Managing People

As per this particular case study, it is found that the financial and strategic position of HP is highly efficient and integral that helps them to become highly efficient and competitive against other players operating in the market. As per the case study, HP is one those companies of the world which have a very strong connection with their employees. Apart from providing a secure and congenial working environment to their employees, the managerial officials of the HP is also efficient in terms of providing effective Work-Life-Balance structure for their organization. This particular factor could be highly beneficial and efficient for HP to manage their workers in a proficient manner, and enhance their positioning in the market. 

One of the main criteria that uses by HP in managing the people is their leadership style. The company is having a Participate Leadership Style in terms of their management through which they pushed their employees to become an integral part of the decision making approach. This particular strategy not only helps them to increase the decision making aspect, but also helps them to satisfy the needs of their customers. It means that the company is complying with two different requirements at the same time with the help of their participate leadership style that deems highly integral from the viewpoint of the company. 

  • The case study has clearly revealed that the primary values of the company is to attain economic significance in the market, and maximize the value of their shareholders. The achievement of the same objective is hard to determine and comply, however with the help of taking timely actions and strategies the achievement of the same is possible. Both of these values are common, and it is found in almost every single company in particular. Moreover, the company is looking forward to increase the level of satisfaction of their customers through providing of efficient products to the company. 

  •  Company policies and internal structure are highly efficient for the companies in attaining their monetary and non-monetary objectives and benefits, and the same is applied over the scenario of HP as well. From the case study, it is clearly found that HP is one of those companies that operates through the Decentralization Strategy, in which every department is held responsible for taking the decision which is integral for the positioning of the company. Moreover, the strategy of engaging the employees in the decision making aspect is still a powerful strategy that helps the company to strengthen their competitive position in the market. 

  • The policy of Innovation and Agility are some of the main line of policies which is supporting HP and increasing its competitive values comparing to its competitors. This particular business policy is helping the company to attain with their underlying objectives mentioned above and further strengthen their strategic position in this competitive environment. 

Pros and Cons Working in HP

HP is one of the largest companies of the world in terms of revenue generation capability, as well as the underlying products which are efficient in terms of their existence in the market. The pros and cons of such a company like HP are as follows.


  • HP has a decentralized operation in which every employee is obliged to play their part in the productivity and sheer efficiency of the company. 

  • Such companies usually have highly productive and satisfied employees, because they are well-aware with the fact that employees are the lifeblood of them.
  • The employees in such companies can work independently, and with full of devotion, which will be helpful for the company as well as for the employees working within the company.

  • The level of innovation and development among such companies increased tremendously due to the arousal of the employees in the decision making purpose.

  • Financial aspect of such companies will increase positively in the long run.


  • Pressure of the decision making may increase over the companies that may make them highly busy in such purpose. 

  • Sometimes it may lead to conflicts among the employees and the management because of two different perspectives Based on the same aspect, and pros, one should work in this particular company, because the amount of advantages in working with the company is high comparing to any other company. In short, the employees could increase their level of satisfaction with sheer perfection in maintaining their well-being in the market. 
Continuing With The Same Strategy

The internal policy and the strategy uses by the HP are highly efficient and powerful that can help the company to maximize their potential in the market. In short, this particular strategy will help the company to ascertain their growth in the long run as well. The current environment is very competitive, in which the companies are highly adaptable to change. It means that companies have to play their part in this changing environment to comply with the same objectives. Hence, HP has to continue with the same operative strategy. The main rationale behind the continuation with the same strategy is clear, as it will help the company to attain their financial and non-financial objectives in a positive manner. 

Continuation with the same strategy will have two different benefits for the company. The first benefit is strengthening the position of the company in the market against the other companies such as IBM. Secondly, this particular strategy will help the company to make their working environment more efficient and congenial that can help them to sustain their position in the market. Hence, the company has to use the same strategy in their future to further strengthen their position in the market. Relying on this particular strategy is not enough for the company, and they have to use some other strategies as well. It is recommended to the officials of the company to adopt Management Bi Objective (MBO) Strategy through which they can easily maximize their positioning in the market with proper effectiveness and zeal. This particular strategy will help the company to get in touch with their employees in a positive manner. Most of the companies throughout the world are now using the same strategy for their sheer effectiveness and development, which is equally important for HP as well as far as their implication is concerned.


The main perspective of this assignment is to read a Case study of Hewlett Packard (HP), and answer some of the main questions underlying with the same case. From this entire analysis, it is clearly found that HP is one of those companies of the world which has maximize its position in the market, and it can be highly positioning for them to maximize their potential in the market with proper effectiveness and zeal. 

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